Summer School 2019 visit to the Kalamata Archeological Museum

Summer School 2019 visit to mountain Taygetus

Summer School 2019 visit to beautiful Pylos

Summer School 2019 visit to the Philosophical Center Arfara

Summer School 2019 at the entrance of the Student Residence


The Panmessinian Federation of USA and Canada, the University of Peloponnese and the Department of Peloponnese, with the support of many municipalities, individuals and businesses, organize the summer school for young expatriates in Kalamata for the 15th consecutive year, from July 5, 2020 - July 31, 2020. The school is unique to Hellenism in the diaspora. The aims of the school are to instill in the participants the love for our country, to enhance their Greek identity so that they become ambassadors of Hellenism at their places of residence. The school achieves its goals. All participants adore the program and state that it is an experience that they will never forget. Programs such as the Kalamata Summer School are a prerequisite for the transmission of our wonderful culture to future generations and for the continuation of our nation.

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                       1945 – Founding Assembly of the

   Panmessinian Federation of USA and Canada – Detroit

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The Panmessinian Federation of USA and Canada is a non-profit organization created in 1945 which has contributed, inter alia, to the preservation of the Greek language, culture, and civilization in the USA and Canada as well as to the tightening of ties of expatriate Messinians with their birthplace. The Panmessenian Federation of USA and Canada consists of 16 ethnic Messinian associations that are active mainly in the big cities of USA and Canada.